Vintage Dresses: The Party Season

If you are anything like us weight loss wait for the parties to begin. Evening is always a boost but let’s face it, the emphasis is on shock value more than fashion forward style. What we’re getting excited about is the Thanksgiving holiday, Office party and Holiday Break season, when everyone can let their frizzy hair down, reflect on doze months of hardwork and achievement, enjoy some delightful food and – of course – invest in some stunning new clothes. Spiderman Costume

This is partly away of necessity; it’s clear that at this time of year the weather gets pretty chilly and we need additional levels to keep comfortable. Although it’s also about sense and looking festive – and by that, we don’t mean tacky originality reindeer sweaters (not that they don’t have their place). Quality, warm textiles, interesting textures, fun images and patterns – each one of these factors come together to produce fabulous party frocks that we wish to wear. But where to start? 

To some point, we can take less notice of the year’s developments when it comes to party frocks, because they’re almost a trend on to themselves. Yes, obviously a dress worn to your office party a few years back might be looking a lttle bit out dated, but the basics can still be there. Sequins, bright color, somewhat of leg, somewhat figure cradling; the emphasis should be on fun, rather than frumpy.

What we’re expressing is, if you haven’t liked the look of a passing fad gowns been popular during the rest of the season, you aren’t going to instantly give in to it at Holiday. If you do not like a craze, do not buy into it – choose what you like. That said, there are some great styles which may have become popular during the last yr that we think are simply perfect for parties. Peplum dresses and skirts are a great sort of an interesting detail that packages one apart from the crowd with no danger of looking ridiculous. Peplums come in a variety of colours and skirt extent, with something of a vintage 1980s feel to them, with no problems that can come from buying genuine vintage as a result time (cheap polyester, sporadic sizing, ruined fabric, the inflated prices, etc. )

If the peplum isn’t your glass of tea, there are plenty of other retro inspired styles that are available at amazing prices right now. Flapper dresses are simply perfect for parties; they are incredibly simple to accessorize, have a halloween costume, fantastical effect without looking straight-up costume, and just basically exude traditional glamor. With their drop waistline and straight silhouettes, these are generally the sort of pieces that fit many body types, if you have the confident frame of mind to hold off the jewelry. It’s a common theme that flappers have sequin and beaded detailing gowns often simply exquisite, and undeniably festive.