The Dog Begging For Food – Methods to Minimize the Mooching

It really is tough for most owners to resist the dog begging for food. Following all, who can say no to those “puppy dog eyes”? But think twice before you em”bark” on this tempting behavior. Remember Pavlov’s dog? Which the the one which was conditioned to get food each and every time a bell rang. Soon, the dog was salivating whenever he heard the bells, even if no food was present. The same thing could happen you your dog if you get in the habit of feeding him/her from to do list. Next thing you know you’ll have a frantic, drooling, crying canine on your hands each and every time you make an effort to eat, and your dog will wrap up suffering for it. sausas sunu maistas

If you give in to your dog begging for food, you are boosting your pooch’s caloric intake. Consider this, if your dog is getting his regular meals PLUS any dog treats you regularly give him PLUS a part of the food, you will soon find yourself with an overweight dog. This may lead to premature joint pain, breathing problems, center problems, and more. Also, the canine digestive system in several from that of a human and nourishing your dog people food can make him ill. Sure, your dog may love your left-over french fries and you simply feel that you are “loving” him or her by providing them, but once you truly love your pup, then you’ll do what is important to keep him healthy. Submitting to the dog begging for food will lead to a lifelong habit that is to be very difficult to break. 

Here are some basic guidelines to put an end to the dog begging:

Do not give food to your dog from the table (make sure that the complete is on the same page here).
Disregard the dog begging for food. Instead, reward him/her with a dog treat after your meal.
Do not allow the dog to jump on you or in your lap during nourishment
Give your dog a bone or a toy filled up with peanut rechausser while you eat. He will be too considering that to bother you while you eat.
If possible, place the dog outside or in a different room when he starts to beg. This “time-out” type of response can be effective if utilized regularly.
Remember, you are not being mean when you do not give in to the dog begging for food. Actually just the opposite! You are supporting your canine to live a happier and healthier life.