Taxi Travel – Avoid These Pitfalls

There are numerous ways you can be ripped off by cab drivers. Here are some common ways and how to avoid them.

you ) If the new driver does not know your destination or you have problems explaining it just look at your map for the nearest big monument or hotel, ask to be driven there and walk to your destination. Scott’s Southend Taxis To Gatwick £130

2. Taxis outdoors large expensive hotels are usually more expensive than ones stopped on the street a few pads away.

3. If you wish to pay with a huge expenses make sure that the driver has change before you lift off. As always, having plenty of small bills usually saves a lot of trouble. 
4. Check out which taxi cab companies are safe and consider calling a minicab switchboard and have the taxi sent to you rather than hailing one in the street (the switchboard should tell you the phone number plate of the taxi or a code word).

5. Taxis can have tampered meters or take you on a long detour. They may assert that the hotel you want to go to contains large amount or has closed down (so that they can take you somewhere where they will get a commission) – in such a case just say that you have previously made a reservation.

6. Motorists of local transportation can also get paid for taking you to customize shops or jewellery outlets (anyone ever taken a Tuk in Bangkok? ) where you will be stuck in endless fighting. Avoiding the trap could save you plenty of time as well as money.

Personal Experience

The Dusit Episode

In Bangkok, Thailand My spouse and i wanted to go to Dusit zoo. I was unable to associated with driver understand that My spouse and i wanted to visit there. My spouse and i even tried imitating pets or animals, making gestures and canine noices. The driving pressure still looked confused (and also a lttle bit worried). Finally he seemed to get it and took me personally to Dusit hotel, very far from the tierpark.