Paruresis – Shy Bladder Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Most of us have experienced some form of hesitation or ‘shy bladder’ when planning to go to the bathroom in a public bathroom.

Indeed, public toilets with their close proximity in front of large followers can sometimes have a momentary inhibiting affect on even the most confident person. pee shy

Yet for the specific experiencing shy bladder symptoms – or avoidant paruresis to give it the medical name – the issue goes far beyond simple urinary hesitation. 

Indeed, in extreme cases, paruresis makes it physically impossible to urinate anywhere other than at home.

(A similar condition which influences the ability to defecate when away from home is called ‘parcopresis’. )

Paruresis is an panic problems that is known by a number of different common or garden names: bashful bladder, self conscious bladder, pee shyness being the most frequently used.

Though not something often discussed at the supper table, paruresis or bashful bladder is certainly not something to be shy with.

Indeed, research implies that it is much more common than is mostly acknowledged, with a full 7% of the populace suffering from this problem in one form or another.

Though paruresis is often looked at as something affecting only men, the fact is that it can impact both males and females.

Sometimes, this condition can have a truly debilitating and incapacitating impact on the individual’s life.

Chronic sufferers of bashful bladder syndrome may find it extremely difficult to travel very far from their home.

Others could find it impossible to pee in their own home if they can listen to other people there.

The roots of bashful bladder affliction are a lot and varied.

Typically the person suffering from paruresis has experienced an embarrassing situation in the past which conditioned him or her to react in this manner when attempting to urinate away from basic safety of home.

This event or series of occasions may be recalled, or may simply have recently been forgotten by the mindful mind and beyond gain access to conscious memory.

Pertaining to others, paruresis is in reality a sign of much deeper problems that may be attached with issues of self-pride.

Moreover, shy bladder affliction can participate a more generalized anxiety disorder, such as social anxiety.

Or perhaps paruresis may be a sign of an inner, deep-seated insecurity regarding sexual working, identity or orientation.

Nevertheless, if you have a common denominator with bashful bladder, it appears to be that practically everyone who activities it is in some way extremely self-conscious.

The fact is that the subconscious mind is functioning in an overactive and hyper-vigilant manner when it comes to allowing the to urinate away from home.

Believing that the person needs protecting in some way, it is doing its very best to keep the person safe by discouraging and disallowing the free circulation of urine.

The good news is that with the correct kind of hypnotherapy, in the right hands, bashful bladder can indeed be successfully cured.

Using advanced transformational hypnosis techniques it will be possible to find out the origin of this disorder and then nullify its driving force.