Humminbird 161 Combo As a Kayak Fish Finder – Review

For its size and versatility, the Hummingbird 161 combo and GPS Chartplotter, makes a great kayak fish finder as well as an outstanding all-round fish finding system for other recreational and sport fishing applications. best kayak seat

Offering features such as:

? Complete Gps device.
? Accurate Chart Plotting. 
? of sixteen Channel WAAS GPS recipient.
? 4′ diagonal back lighted 320V x 240H grayscale LCD display.
? 3000 way points.
? 50 routes.
? Tracks: 60 w/20, 000 points each

Advanced features of the Humminbird 161 Combo include the ability to freeze out the frame and symbol structure on sonar in order to be able to return to the exact same spot if so desired.

The unit also features selective fish ID which although can’t be completely accurate, it can give the user the capacity to at least check the size of the fish before wasting amount of time in areas which don’t provide legal size fish or targeted fish and the cabability to distinguish fish from structure identify.

The transducer can be mounted on the transom full tilt and rotating or if being used for kayak fishing, can be fitted inside the hull in order to get rid of drag and hamper steerage by acting as an unwanted rudder.

With lower part lock featured as well as one touch TWO TIMES, 4X and 6X adaptable zoom, the Humminbird 161 Combo truly is an impressive unit which has recently been used very successfully as a kayak fish locater.

The option to be able to create for either salt or fresh water with adjustable target more detail increased by adjustable backlight for night time sportfishing adds yet more wonderful features to the unit.

The standard Humminbird 161 Combination Kayak Fish Finder product is when you have a 4 mile high res Unimap of inland waters, rivers and coastal locations within the USA but is also available with targeted regions outside the US depending on where you live. However, the unimaps provided are to some extent obscure and inaccurate which is the only drawback I found in examining the unit.

The Humminbird 161 Combo Kayak Seafood Finder with such adaptability and compact size is exquisite for limited space applications and is completely watertight for use as a kayak fish finder and it is comes with a full 12 months manufacturer’s warrantee.