How to Select a Typing Course for Children

An excellent typing course for kids will teach your child all the routinely used letters, numbers, and punctuation. Here are the main computer keyboard keys they need to learn when learning how to type. typing programme

Space bar

This key constitutes a space. Use your thumb.

Enter key 

This key moves the curser to another line.

Shift secrets

These keys capitalize the letter you are stunning, or type the mark shown in the high portion of the key. Utilize opposite hand to strike the shift key.

Caps lock

This key locks in the change key that capitalizes all letters, but does not affect the numbers or punctuations.


These secrets move the curser in the direction indicated.


This key erases either the print to the right of the curser or the highlighted area.

Put in

This key inserts text to the right of the curser. The moment the truth is terminated (press insert/delete) it can get rid of as you type.


This key moves the curser to quick that line of text.


This key moves the curser to the end of these line of text message.


These symbols are found above the on the lookout for and 0. To start the parenthesis the still left hand shift key is struck and simultaneously the 9 is struck, and close the parenthesis keep the left hand switch key depressed and hit 0.


This mark is located when you move your right little finger from; to the right to find ‘.

Quotation Marks

This mark is found when departed shift key is despondent and the apostrophe is struck.

A great typing course will help your kids remember those computer keyboard important factors in a fun, easy way.