How to Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Every single hotelier today is aware of the very fact that they can boost profitability with improved guest satisfaction levels and productivity.

Consumer reviews are significantly more trustworthy – practically 12 times more -than descriptions that come from manufacturers. (eMarketer, February 2010)

This is where next-generation guest cleverness and analytics steps in. It might empower properties to leverage efficient internal businesses as well as simple ORM or online reputation management strategies for hotels. 

ORM for hotels is basically done by building intelligent semantic algorithms which go through guest reviews minutely to analyze customer sentiment. Therefore the powerful formula can actually break this data down into quantifiable points and metrics that could be further leveraged to come up with a special scoring mechanism for a hotel.

Guest reviews make up the base to calculate certain strategies on the most basic of logic and factors: These include:

– Reporter age

– Frequency

– Source variance

– Guests preference

With this data, hoteliers can identify main strengths as well as market them better to all the consumers, to draw more positive words on social forums and metasearch sites.

83% of all holiday shoppers are influenced by customer reviews. (Channel Advisor “Consumer Buying Habits Survey”, August 2010)

This is also the best way to talk about weaknesses immediately, in a subtle manner without much ado. A good understanding of such consumer personal preferences can align guest services in agreement with a hotel’s ultimate earnings goal. This exercise can drive incremental earnings for a hotel earnings manager further ahead.

Things that are published online stay permanently!

More than one third of shoppers will not book a hotel room without reading reviews first. (Late Rooms, November 2012)

According to reputation management gurus, this may not be true on a regular basis. Hotels face several other challenges in their business. To be able to overcome the same, there are just top a couple of things which the staff and departments can do proactively to safeguard brand reputation. One of these is data monitoring in every cultural media mentions (like Yahoo posts, meta search discussions, online review site results, FB posts, Tweets and so forth ) These kinds of are the places that online reputation of a hotel commences to come together.

So when it comes to online reviews, potential damage can be caused when cybersecurity gets threatened. Especially, in circumstance of data breach, huge reputational problems arise. In order to curb this, hotels need to stay prepared as far as interacting with communication departments is concerned, as these areas are a huge concern. Then, correct diamond mechanisms can be put in location to resolve ORM loopholes:

You should collect reviews from hundreds of sources globally that course through videos, sites and travelogues in all different languages
You should have a single screen or dial to view and react to all online reviews
You must share reviews outside the body (across online channels) and internally (among departments)
You need to acquire guests feedback while the guests is at the hotel or post check-out
You have to influence custom-made guest intelligence applications
You have to determine the efficacy of internal functions with a score
You must track competitor data department-wise
Just in case these online wounds still fester, you need an automated hotel online reputation management system.

Hotel managers must be concerned about quite a few other things because hotel reputation management is the only feasible solution.

“Online reputation management is becoming greatly important to Hotels because reviews have an immediate correlation with demand, the holy grail of earnings management. ” (Corin Burr, director of Bamboo Earnings, London)

Guest reviews and earnings performance are interlinked. When a proper ORM strategy is in place, hotel owners can watch their earnings bottomline surge upward in leaps and court. So its high time that hoteliers realized a lot is stake at the hands of online trustworthiness of their property.