How to Find the Perfect Buenos Aires Rental Apartment – And What to Avoid

The good news is, Buenos Aires is a town packed with non permanent local rental apartments. This is great for the tourist because you can rent an apartment for a week for the price of one night at a hotel. Also, apartments have full kitchens so you can save money by cooking your own foods. In addition, the rentals are much larger than hotel rooms, in addition to more privacy then remaining in a hotel. Apartments La Gomera

However, discovering that perfect tourist apartment in Mejores Aires can be challenging. At first you might be telling yourself, well as long as completely a bed and it is clean what do I care? While that may be true for some people, if you are planning on remaining in Buenos Aires for more than a couple of days you will want to avoid some of the faults I have made in yesteryear when renting an apartment there. 

After letting several apartment in Mejores Aires These days really know what to look for and what things to avoid. Below are some tips that will help find that ideal apartment and make your stay in Buenos Aires more pleasurable.

Neighborhood – Ensure that you ask exactly where the apartment is located. This might sound strange but many people renting out their apartments market their rentals as being in the desirable neighborhoods of Recoleta and Palmero when they are not. In truth at first glance you could feel that those are only the 2 neighborhoods in Acertados Aires! But this is merely realtors and apartment brokerages tricky efforts to inaccurately expand the borders of the most desired local communities in Buenos Aires. Recoleta and Barrio Norte (these two neighborhoods are usually used to denote the same area, with Arrabal Norte being closer to subway stops) is the best destination to stay while in Buenos Aires.

Palermo is also nice with cool new restaurants and hip bars, nevertheless for myself the barrio continues to have a way to go before it is as nice and established as Recoleta/Barrio Norte. There is too much graffiti and dog crap (watch your step while walking on Palermo sidewalks! ) for myself to suggest staying there over Recoleta. Although some parts of Palermo can be quite charming it is merely too big of the area to recommend it as a whole. Unless you know the specific location in Palermo is actually you are looking for, it is best just to follow Recoleta.

Noise – I read once that Buenos Aires is the noisiest city in the world. After a nighttime trying to sleep in an apartment on the street side of a busy avenue you will agree. Loud buses and scooters with no exhaust mufflers will keep you up at night or irritate you during the day if you are not careful about your apartment choice. The most important factor is guarantee the apartment is not situated on the street part of a building. Intended for more quiet you want an apartment in the back side of the building or “contrafrente” as it is sometimes shown in spanish. Secondly, it is preferable to land on a low traffic street. However I have stayed in apartments on a busy street before but the building was so large and the apartment was so considerably in your back it was actually very quiet. Finally the higher up the apartment the better, so look for an apartment on a high floor. However, I stayed in an apartment once that was on the eleventh floor but it would still be very noisy because it was on the road side. Therefore, the main factor in having a calm be in Buenos Aires is look for an apartment on the back part of the building.

Areas – In Argentina an one bedroom apartment is called a two room apartment. So don’t be shocked when you get there and the “two room” apartment you rented is not only a two bedroom, but an apartment with a living room and a bedroom. Likewise a facilities apartment is called a “one room” apartment or “monoambiente” in spanish. Merely be sure to are getting the right number of rooms you want when you lease, or ask for a floor plan before you put down that deposit.