Can A Better Business Bureau Membership Buy You Credibility?

Based on the Better Business Bureau, these are the best reasons to join their regular membership and become an certified business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB): brilliat earth’s reviews

The things you Get as a BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Member –

– steady consumer advertising campaigns, open public relations, consumer outreach and special events. Plus expert support for your use of the BBB logo design when you advertise to customers. 

– A business Certificate and decal to display letting your clients know you are an associate and lending you the trustworthiness of their status.

– Your free listing in the BBB Yellow Webpages and the possibility to purchase their display advertising.

– Dispute Resolution services for you and customers.

– Immediate notification of any complaints filed against you.

– An escrow bank account to hold funds in while you make a transaction and deliver goods to your customer/s.

– A totally free hyperlink to your homepage.

– A 24-hour Voice Response System via their internet site about when a possible customer attempts more information before purchasing your service or product.

– Customer Inquiries often from the BBB, so membership would buy you credibility in that area.

– Live people answer the telephones and set up business owners volunteer to give their service to the BBB.

– Revisions and relevant, important information is provided through the regular BBB monthly e-newsletter.

– The BBB has a commitment to local business and charities. The funds help promote those services.

– Dues are 100% deductible

From where I sit, there is very only one reason to sign up the BBB:

1. It offers your business credibility. The BBB is a central location for folks to record complaints against a business also to check a business approval rating.

– That they do good things for the city, but you can also do a few good things for the community and write off your services as a donation.

– BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU membership does not warranty quality service or artistry from an organization. Account is simply a contract between a business and the BBB; a pledge that the business holding the membership will operate under the Better Business Bureau “Standards of Conduct. inches People don’t truly understand that in its completeness, so by definition what you get with a BBB membership is the “perception” of being kept to a higher standard of quality.

– You will get more traffic from growing a customer list with someone who understands how to help you create an optin box for your website and helps you make your customer list.

– With all the onset of the internet, the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU is being given less credibility and has even come under fire for a few of their ‘accreditation tactics’ in taking, representing and advertising for their members. That’s not good.

For certain trades-people, it is a good idea to seek regular membership and information from the BBB.

However, if you are not in the contracting or landscape industry then perhaps your membership rights dues might much better spent on finding a good SEO professional for your website – Rather. “Just Saying… “