AlSiC Metal Matrix Composite Base Plates For High Power and High Reliability IGBT Modules

AlSiC (Aluminum Silicon Carbide), a metal matrix composite essentially suited for base china material for insulated gateway bipolar transistor (IGBT) is employed in high-power traction, ability control, Hybrid Electric Motor vehicle power systems, and fly-by-wire applications. AlSiC has recently been tested and meets the requirements of the Limitation of Hazardous Substances Instruction of the European Legislative house (RoHS compliant). eupec igbt

The low isotropic coefficient of arctic expansion (CTE) value of AlSiC-9 (8 ppm/? C: 30 – 100? C) is compatible with the thermal expansion value of the die or essence used in IGBT applications. The AlSiC CTE match reduces the mechanical challenges on IGBT die and substrates that is caused by thermal power bicycling, which boosts reliability of substrate attachment and reduces die cracking failures. 

The device compatible AlSiC CTE eliminates the advantages of stress compensation material tiers that are required in Cu (CTE = 17ppm/? C) baseplate assemblies. Removal of stress compensation materials simplifies assembly and reduces the thermal resistance for AlSiC systems so that AlSiC systems have similar or improved thermal waste over Cu baseplate devices.

In high power applications (> 1200 V/ 400 A), IGBT segments assembled with AlSiC baseplates are found to get a service reliability of many hundreds of thousands of thermal power cycles over Cu equivalent systems.

AlSiC is a lightweight materials (1/3 that of Cu), which makes it a great cooler material for the weight-sensitive IGBT applications. AlSiC also has higher durability and stiffness than Cu, which, combined with it is lightweight nature, makes AlSiC assemblies more tolerant impact and vibration.

AlSiC around net-shape fabrication process both produces the composite materials and fabricates the product geometry, allowing for the design of IGBT bottom plates with a curve profile. This geometry boosts thermal interface contact with cold plates and chillers, increasing AlSiC’s advanced cold weather management qualities. These are fabricated in standard of 190 mm x 150 mm, 140 mm back button 130 mm and a hundred and forty mm x 70 millimeter base plate formats (shown) as well as custom formats.